Two and a half weeks ago it was pretty obvious to all that Sebastian Kienle’s demolition job of both the Hawaii Ironman course and his male oppostion was a standout performance. A crushing display of power and endurance, which made the men’s race in its own way as enjoyable to watch as the knock ’em down, drag ’em out contest between Dani and Rinnie.

Now that we’ve had time to settle down and reflect on the race, I just wanted to draw people’s attention to another performance that probably wasn’t as obvious, but equally as impressive. Siri Lindley did a fantastic job in not only guiding Rinnie to her third Kona victory, but also in having an entire squad of champion women turn up as one and all perform great on the day. (Rinnie Carfrae 1st, Jodie Swallow 4th, Mary Beth Ellis 9th, Amanda Stevens 23rd – fastest swim)

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