Coaching Call with Bek

Book a one-on-one coaching call with Team Sirius head coach Bek Keat.

Bek Keat

Bek Keat

Team Sirius Head Coach

Rebekah was a pro triathlete for over 22 years with over 30 podiums including a two-time junior world champion, 6 x Iron Distance Champion and 3 x National Champion. Bek still holds one of the fastest female times in history with 8 hours 39 minutes over the Iron Distance.

Rebekah has been coaching for over ten years and competed at the highest level as a top 10 ranked international triathlete. The knowledge and experience she has gained in the sport along with her coaching style and techniques inherited from greats such as Siri Lindley make her a highly sought after coach.

Coaching calls are perfect for self-coached athletes or those looking for some professional help or a new perspective on specific goals or challenges you are having with your triathlon performance or enjoyment.

Bek can help with mindset, race planning, training advice, nutrition guidance or whatever else you need help with to reach your triathlon or endurance sport goals.

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