My experience in triathlon, as an athlete, was about so much more than winning races or winning a world championship. It was about finding myself and what I became because of this sport. It’s amazing to see athletes who have been with me for a while, they really do change. And it’s not me, it’s what we do together. I love it more and more every day … for me it’s not just about the swim, bike and running. Siri Lindley

Interviews with Siri

Transcending Sport: Siri Lindley Believes in Animals

Siri and Bek were recently interviewed by Listen to the podcast below to learn how they recently took their love of animals to a new level when they established Believe Ranch & Rescue– a non profit organization that rescues horses from...

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Siri’s Podcast on

Siri's podcast with Tony Robbins was overwhelmingly popular, with over 1.2 million downloads so far! Oprah liked it so much she decided to share it on her site to help inspire even more people! Listen to Siri's chat with Tony Robbins on Oprah's...

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Podcast: Tony Robbins interviews Siri

In this episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast, hosts Tony Robbins and Mary Buckheit speak to their friend and hero, Siri Lindley. A former 2-time ITU World Champion! While they were fascinated by her incredible success, they invited her to the podcast to learn more...

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Podcast: Siri’s interview on sat down with Siri in Boulder, Colorado during our Ride the High Vibe Tour last year and you can enjoy every word of this exchange. Dive into the warrior path that is the life of Siri Lindley, triathlon champion, and world class triathlon coach....

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Read a chapter from Siri’s book Surfacing!

Read A Chapter from Siri New Book Surfacing In her new book, Surfacing: From the Depths of Self-Doubt to Winning Big and Living Fearlessly, elite triathlon coach and world champion Siri Lindley shares her daring journey that proves it’s never too late to rewrite your...

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Siri Lindley: Great Athlete, Great Coach

Two and a half weeks ago it was pretty obvious to all that Sebastian Kienle’s demolition job of both the Hawaii Ironman course and his male oppostion was a standout performance. A crushing display of power and endurance, which made the men’s race in its own way as...

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Podcast: Siri’s Real Starky Interview

TRS Radio, January 11, 2016 First Ben and Chief Doping Correspondent, Joel Filliol react to Bob Babbitt's interview of Victor Conte on Babbittville Radio. Then Ben talks with Sean Byars and his son, Daeton, about their dispute with the Tennessee Athletic Association...

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Podcast: Siri’s interview on Endurance Sports on Fire

Siri Lindley is perhaps the most amazing woman in triathlon. A lot of people know she is an outstanding coach, guiding athletes to 4x IRONMAN World Championships, 2x IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship as well as winning the ONLY medal for Team USA in the Olympics for...

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Public Speaking

Fire up your team, your staff, your students, or your company by bringing Siri on board!

Siri’s experiences from being a Brown University Psychology major, to a World champion Triathlete, Olympic Commentator for NBC, and now a World Class, World champion producing coach, makes her an excellent public speaker.

Siri’s main message includes her own personal story. Going from a totally insecure, fearful young kid, to finding the strength,the courage and the confidence to ultimately make all her dreams come true, and continuing on as a coach to help others do the same. She believes “Anything is possible” when you are willing to do all the work necessary to make your dreams come true!

Siri speaks from a perspective that being our best involves all things mind, body and spirit. Achieving excellence within ourselves, is the goal Siri believes everyone should adopt.

For inquiries regarding VIP services and one on one personalized coaching from Siri Lindley, including public speaking, please email Siri at siri_lindley@yahoo.comAll other inquiries regarding Team Sirius Tri Club & coaching services please email us at

One Hour Skype Consultation with Siri Lindley

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn from one of the best coaches in the world!

Use this one on one time to have Siri or one of her Sirius Coaches help get your training on the track to success! Siri’s extensive coaching experience can help you:

  • Discuss your dreams and goals and the best way to go about achieving them
  • Get through a training slump
  • Reinvigorate your motivation
  • Provide ideas to achieve the perfect training / work / family balance
  • Address any of your individual training needs with Siri

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