Maricarmen Farias

Maricarmen Farias

Team Sirius Coach

MC is a great example of possibility, determination and courage. Starting as a true beginner, she has been able to turn her life around and step up to a new level of performance, with the mentorship and support of her coach Siri Lindley. MC is now a crucial member of the Team Sirius coaching team. More about MC.

Swimming anxiety… 💦💧

Open water swimming can be intimidating for beginners. I still remember the first time I did an open water swim I was paralyzed & filled with anxiety. I remember having to lay on my back and stop every couple meters to catch my breath.😱 I’d always start last and on the side, to avoid being around other swimmers.

I used to think it would never go away, but luckily I feel incredibly confident swimming around other people now & and I want to help you feel the same way.

Here are some tips to help you ease the anxiety and find some confidence:

Keep the mind at ease. 🙏

This is the most important. It doesn’t matter if you train & implement all the steps below if you keep repeating a story in your mind that the swim is going to suck, it will.

Rather than creating scenarios of all the things that can go wrong, focus on how you want to feel, feel confident knowing that you’ve done the work and that you are ready. What you focus on you will get!

Know that you can stop at any time. 😆😁

When practising open water, have a goal in mind.

Try different stroke rates, speed up, simulate how you’d start a race & see which breathing pattern works best for you.🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️

Practice sighting in the pool.

I personally like to sight every 4-5 strokes, to ensure I am going the right direction. Sighting should be fluid & done separately from breathing.🤓😎

Practice drafting in the pool.

This is very important especially if you get anxious when swimming around other people. During training we sometimes swim with 3 people in the same lane and that not only allows you to get better at drafting but also be comfortable around other people swimming next to you. ❤

Practice bilateral breathing.

Alternating sides when swimming is very important, you never know where the current/sun will be so its better to be prepared.🤩😬

Practice the swim start.

You won’t have a wall to push from on race day, so practice threading water and starting right away, you can do this in the pool by threading water and keeping your legs parallel to the ground.👍

Practice at smaller races

If possible, sign up for smaller races where you can swim around other people without feeling overwhelmed, place yourself on an uncomfortable spot. 🙌The best way to overcome fear is to place yourself in situations that SCARE YOU until you find the right strategies to become comfortable.

With love,
Coach MC

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