Team Sirius Coaching with Karen

I live in Austin, Texas, am married with (2) teenage daughters
I have been mentored daily and personally by Siri Lindley since 2006
I have studied training and race day nutrition under Charlotte Saunders, another Team Sirius Assistant Coach.

With help and guidance from Siri Lindley I have competed in:
ITU Short course (1) and ITU Long Course (2) World Championships abroad
I have competed in (3) 70.3 World Championships
I have competed in dozens of 70.3 races, Olympic Distance, Sprint races and a few stand alone marathons
I have completed (4) full distance 140.6 ironmans recently achieving a 55 minute PR this year

I fully embrace, adhere to and understand the key principles of training, competing and living in a “Sirius” way.

My strong desire to becoming a Team Sirius Assistant Coach is to give back and help others as I feel I have gained so very much from my experience as a Team Sirius Member. The lessons learned, the way of thinking, the challenges have made me a better person in every single aspect of my life including of course my athleticism.

Hire Karen for custom coaching! Email us at to find out more!

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