🔥 Mobility Leg Warm-Ups 🔥

Prior to any workouts, it’s great to do some active mobility work! This means moving through a range of motion! 🏋️

Static stretching is not recommended if you are not warmed up save this for post-workout! 👎

Bek’s favourite pre-workout mobility exercises 🏃‍♀️that are perfect for loosening up the muscles! 💪

Leg Mobility Exercises-🦵
Leg swings 15 ea leg
Hip to wall 15 ea side
Ankle rolls 15 ea foot
Hip flexor stretch 15sec ea leg

Watch Video below👇

Rebekah Keat

Rebekah Keat

Team Sirius Head Coach

Rebekah has been coaching for over ten years and competed at the highest level as a top 10 ranked international triathlete for over 10 years. The knowledge and experience she has gained in the sport along with her coaching style and techniques inherited from greats such as Siri Lindley make her a highly sought after coach If you are looking for a coach with a wealth of experience combined with nutrition and exercise science background, Bek is the coach you want! Learn more

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