"Shreduary" 28 Day Challenge: A Fitness & Nutrition Reset

Want to make 2021 the year you finally take control of your fitness, nutrition and well-being?

Ready to make a big change after a challenging 2020?

Have you struggled to stay fit and eat well over the holiday period?

Join us for “Shreduary” and we will RESET your health and fitness as a team to start 2021 in the best way possible

Shreduary Defined: A supercharged February where as a team we can lose that extra weight, gain that mental and physical strength and tackle 2021 to make it our best year ever.

Starts February 1st 2021

Brought to you by Rebekah Keat of Team Sirius Tri Club and Mikki Williden Nutritionist

What You Get

28 Day Fitness Plan

This workout plan was designed by Siri and Bek to give you the best bang for your buck! With 50 years of combined experience in high-performance training, and coaching athletes to world titles and Olympic medals they know what it takes to get results!

These workouts are ONLY 15-20 min and are designed to make it easily achievable especially those with busy lifestyles! Based on effort adjusted to everyone’s own personal needs and fitness level! You will not be disappointed!

Everything you need to improve your fitness and get stronger and fitter the fastest way possible!

28 Day Meal Plan

A 28-day meal plan designed by nutritionist and well-being expert Mikki Williden PhD. A program that incorporates time-restricted eating (TRE), and is higher protein with an abundance of vegetables which is perfect for you to follow alongside the training program. Importantly, the meals are dairy and gluten-free, delicious and easy to cook. Mikki will give you tips on advance preparation to make sure that you are not always in your kitchen and each week has a shopping list to help take the thinking out of it for you.

Weekly Zoom Calls

The Zoom call gives you the opportunity to directly ask questions in the group format. Each week Mikki and Bek will discuss nutrition and exercise-related topic, so you get to learn more about how food and training impact you. Topics may include (but are not limited to): fitness and workout bio hacks, supplements, fat loss, the impact of stress, hormones, etc

Your 28 Day Reset Team

Bek Keat

Bek Keat

6 x Iron Distance Champion and 2 x Junior World Champion

Bek is a former 6x Iron Distance triathlon champion with 25 years experience in high-performance sport both competing and coaching. Bek has coached athletes to world championships and age group titles and helped everyday people achieve what they thought was impossible with their own personal fitness goals!  Bek runs an online club Team Sirius Tri Club and also works with many personal clients on general health and fitness helping them create massive breakthroughs in both fitness and improved overall health and wellbeing. Bek has a background in Exercise Science and alongside her expertise as an athlete and high-performance coach, Bek can teach you how to get the very most out of yourself no matter what level of fitness you are at!
Mikki Williden

Mikki Williden

Nutritionist and Well-being Expert

Mikki Williden is a PhD trained Registered Nutritionist and a Senior Lecturer at Unitec Institute of Technology, teaching in the area of sport, nutrition and health. She has been privately consulting with clients since 2006 and has worked with a vast number of people with different health and performance goals. She runs an online nutrition coaching programme and is super passionate about health, longevity, nutrition and activity. She is very active on social media (particularly Instagram and Facebook), sharing tips and tricks to help people live their best lives. She hosts her own weekly podcast, Mikkipedia, where she has conversations with experts in health and nutrition and shares practical strategies to help people meet their health goals.  She also co-hosts a weekly endurance sports podcast called ‘Fitter Radio’ where we discuss all things triathlon. She has worked with some notable NZ’ers, helping them achieve their nutrition-related goals, including Nigel Latta (on ‘The Sugar’ episode), Simon Gault (on the documentary series ‘Why are we Fat?’) and Gold Medal athletes such as Hamish Bond.

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Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

1. Step One

Sign up to one to the 28-day reset by selecting either the “Plans Only” option or the “Plans + Zoom Calls” option.

2. Step Two

Before the reset starts on February 1st we will send you the fitness plan and give you access to Mikki Williden’s nutrition coaching platform so you can access the meal plans through her app.

3. Step Three

When the reset starts on February 1st you will start receiving the guidance through a series of automated emails. If you’ve selected the “Plans + Zoom calls” option we will have the first of our weekly Zoom calls scheduled for 3 pm (MST) Tuesdays starting February 2nd. (New Zealand time is Wednesday 11 am)

Frequently Asked Questions

What fitness level do I need to join?

There is no requirements for fitness levels, the plan can be adapted to people of any fitness.

What currency is the pricing?

All our pricing is in US dollars.

When will the Zoom calls be scheduled for?

The Zoom calls are scheduled for 3 pm (MST) Tuesdays starting February 2nd (New Zealand time is Wednesday 11 am)

What payment methods do you support?

You can pay via our secure payments provider with all major debit and credit cards.

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