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Meet Team Sirius Athlete Ellie Salthouse

As a young child, I grew up being encouraged to participate in a broad range of sports, from AFL to hockey and everything in between. Having an older brother meant contact sports were very attractive to me, anything just to keep up with his menacing antics. So it wasn’t until I was 11 years old that I started to particularly enjoy cross-country running, even being selected for regional, state and national teams.

Naturally, having talent for the sport meant that I grew to love it and, when I saw an advertisement for the Weet-Bix kids triathlon on the back of the cereal box, I thought it could provide good grounding for a triathlon pursuit. Who would have thought, munching on my Weet-Bix at the tender age of 11 could have sparked the start of a long and successful career?

Since then, it has been quite a journey to get the where I am today. A journey that has included calling 3 separate countries ‘home’; racing in over 20 countries, consequently seeing more of the globe than I ever thought possible; and experiencing first-hand the highs and lows that come with being a professional athlete. It’s tough and it’s challenging, but don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t worth it.


As a youngster I had some very promising results under the direction of coach Warwick Dalziel; including being Queensland U20 School Sport cross country champion, Australian U20 School Sport triathlon champion and dual Youth Olympic silver medalist. Having tasted success at the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in 2010, fueled my love for the sport and desire to make a prosperous career out of it.

Successfully graduating from school in 2010, it was only natural that I chose to be a full-time athlete. I made the commitment to myself and my coach at the time, to live the Australian summer in Brisbane and the European summer in Vitoria, Spain. This pattern remained from 2010 until 2013. During such time, I was given opportunities to travel the globe racing in Continental Cups, Continental Championships, World Cups, junior World Championships and as a member of a French team on the prestigious French Grand Prix circuit.

At the end of 2013 after an extended break from the sport, I decided to take a fresh approach under the direction of Siri Lindley, to train alongside some of the world’s greatest athletes with arguably the world’s most successful coach. This meant that Boulder, Colorado would become home for the US summer months. This exciting chapter in my journey is just kicking off so be sure to follow my progress via my Facebook fan page, Blog and Twitter.

Articles & Updates

Weekend Race Report

Sirius athletes had some great race results during the past two weekends! At the Oceanside 70.3: Ellie SALTHOUSE - 2nd Pro female Allison Linnell - 10th Pro Female Monica Iacometti 12th in her age group! 55-59 At 70.3Campeche, Mexico Troy Romero 1s overall age,1st...

Weekend Race Report – 3/12/16

Two Sirius Athletes had strong second place finishes over the weekend with: Ellie Salthouse taking over the lead to finish in 2nd place at Dubhai 70.3, and Yvonne van Vlerken also had a fantastic 2nd place finish at Challenge Wanaka!

Ellie Salthouse wins Ironman 70.3 Miami

Ellie Salthouse made her mark in half-distance racing this past weekend with an impressive win at Ironman 70.3 Miami. Leading the race from the swim, Ellie defeated a quality field with an exclamation mark, crossing the line five-minutes in front of her nearest rival!...

Weekend Race Report – 10/1/16

Another great weekend for Team Sirius Athletes! Elisabeth Gruber 2nd at ironman Barcelona and Ellie Salthouse 3rd at Cozumel IM 70.3!Congratulations Ellie & Lisi! Photos courtesy of Astrid Stienen and Ironman.com...

Ellie Salthouse Wins Ironman 70.3 Boulder

Ellie Salthouse left everything out on the course and it paid off with a 1st Place Win at Ironman 70.3 in Boulder, Colorado! Read the details at Ironman News Photo courtesy of Ironman...

Ellie Salthouse wins Rev3 Knoxville

Ellie Salthouse led the Rev3 Knoxville from mile 3 of the bike onward... and never looked back, giving her all on her first Olympic Distance Triathlon in quite some time! Read the details of her exciting race at...

Ellie Salthouse wins Challenge Melbourne!

So incredibly proud of Ellie Salthouse. She WON ‪#‎ChallengeMelbourne‬ her 2nd ever half distance Triathlon! Ellie led from start to finish and won in a brilliant time of 4:11!! So incredibly proud Salty! So deserved!!! Watch Ellie's post race interview below...

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