Off Season Training Plans

10 Week Off Season Build up Plan

$199 or a 25% discount at $149.25 for Team Sirius Tri Club members. This plan was designed by Siri and has every key workout you need to get the very best out of your swim bike and run in 10 weeks! The plan starts at 7-8 hours and builds up to 15 hours by week 10! The plan begins with a 2 week build up of all disciplines, a 2 week swim only block, a 2-week bike specific block and a 2 week run specific Block. The plan finishes with a 2 week build up swim bike and run 🏃 to get you ready for the racing season!

4 Week Off Season Run Block

$59.95 or $39.57 for Team Sirius Tri Club members. This run plan developed by Bek and Siri is tested and trialed with 25 years experience in Triathlon! The plan includes all the sessions needed to improve your run fitness and efficiency! Week 1 starts with 40 min of running and a weekly total of 3 hours. It then builds up to week 4 with a 1.5 hr long run and a total of 4 hours.

Suited for all levels and Olympic to 70.3 distance!

Team Sirius Gear

Believe Ranch and Rescue Trucker Cap

Tax & Shipping included

Team Sirius Visor

New Team Sirius visor!
$30 including shipping.

Team Sirius Kit

Buy your Team Sirius kit today at Peaks Apparel

Surfacing, by Siri Lindley

Autographed copy, tax & shipping included

16 and 23 Week Training Plans

Sirius Athletes’ 16 and 23 week IRONMAN, 70.3, and Olympic distance training plans for beginner to advanced level athletes fully embody the training principles and methods with which Siri and and her team coach their elite athletes.

Buy a Training Plan now or get the same plan plus monthly coaching and save up to $150 when you join Team Sirius Tri Club

IRONMAN Training Plans

$525 for 23 weeks
$425 for 16 weeks

70.3 Training Plans

$525 for 23 weeks
$425 for 16 weeks

Olympic Distance Training Plans

$525 for 23 weeks
$425 for 16 weeks

7 Key Indoor Trainer Sessions

Program duration: 7 sessions
Cost: $35

We use these 7 key training sessions all year long as they aim to cover all the bases: strength/ endurance/ power/speed and threshold. They are fun, yet incredibly effective!! Spice up your winter training and gain the advantage over your competitors by purchasing this plan now!!

70.3 & Olympic - 10 Day Taper

Program duration: 10 days
Cost: $20

Team Sirius 10 day Taper plans for intermediate and advanced athletes cover all the bases and leave no stones unturned. They will keep you motivated, inspired and continually progressing!

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