The Siri and Bek Show

Siri Lindley & Rebekah Keat share stories of how they overcame adversity during races such as equipment malfunction and exiting the swim at the back of the pack to turn the race around and even win world cups and a world championship. The message is never to give up because the race is long and anything can happen if you’re determined and ambitious.

Run for Your Life

The dynamic duo behind one of the leading triathlon coaching clubs in the world Team Sirius Tri Club, Siri Lindley and Rebekah Keat, offer another jam-packed episode of their experiences and advice, this time for the transition off the bike and the run. Whether you’re an Age-Grouper who just wants to finish happy, healthy and satisfied or if you’re a pro and every stride counts to win your race, there are loads of tips here to maximize your run. Siri reveals some of the secrets of her success as an athlete and coach, including top tips for running up and downhill, and Bek shares important nutritional advice for the run; how to train and be prepared for your race, what calories you need and some of the products she used to carry with her on the run. Listen or read the full transcript on WISP

Triathlon Transition and Bike Tips

Siri & Bek have tons of advice and experiences to share for the next stage of the race following on from the last episode, which covered the start of the race and the swim. They cover everything from walking the transition. knowing the course, carrying extra nutrition and thinking about what you crave in training from salt to sugar, applying vinegar to your tires in wet weather and much more. As usual there are great stories from their days racing and with experience comes not only what to do but what not to do. It’s all here plus there’s a blooper from the start of the show which goes to show that it’s always fun to record wit Siri and Bek because things don’t always go right. Listen or read the full transcript on WISP

Open Water Swimming

Siri Lindley & Rebekah Keat have another jam packed episode, this time with advice for how to get the most out of open water swimming in the race and ensure that you train for every eventuality. How you start the swim is critical and why you need to be aggressive, mastering bilateral breathing, how to get in and out of your wetsuit efficiently, how to draft, how to navigate the buoys and then get your legs ready to exit the water, and more. There’s tons of tips here for every triathlete taking the plunge from ‘oiling’ your wetsuit to bi-lateral breathing techniques and being close enough to give the swimmer in front of you to give them a pedicure! Listen or read the full transcript on WISP

Preparing for the first race of the season

With race season about to get under way for triathletes, Team Sirius Tri Club coaches Siri & Bek offer advice on how to prepare for your first race by getting your mind as well as your body ready. There’s some great tips for visualization and developing the right mind set, not to set yourself up with great expectations but prepare for any eventuality on race day and know how to cope when things go wrong from a flat tire to injury. Bek discusses post race recovery and how to speed it up with therapeutic treatment, the use of compression socks and keeping your legs up. It’s all in here and a moment of reflection on their wedding day and why they don’t have wedding rings! Listen or read the full transcript on WISP

Planning Your Race Season

On this week’s episode Siri & Bek discuss planning your race season: how to plan and attack it depending on what races you’re doing, your goals for the season and also what to do if you have an injury and your season doesn’t go according to plan. They also have advice on how to deal with nerves; why being nervous before a race is not a bad thing and there are ways to channel nervous anticipation even by using humor. Bek has a funny story about what her sister did to her before a race! And Siri explains how she coached World Champion Mirinda Carfrae through pregnancy and what her goals are for the year. As always lots of great advice from the champs that will help any athlete, not just triathletes. Listen or read the full transcript on WISP

Maricarmen Farias: Becoming a triathlete, inspiration and challenges

On this week’s episode, Bek holds the fort while Siri is away and is joined by a new member of Team Sirius Tri Club Maricarmen Farias to talk about how she discovered triathlon was her sport. Maricarmen is coached by Siri at Team Sirius Tri Club. She tells the story of how she grew up in Mexico and the sports she played there, moving to to the US and going to school and being intrigued by triathlon. Maricarmen has degrees in bilingual education and speech therapy and is also qualified as a nutritionist. She hosts Sound Bites on WiSP Sports Radio – a new show about holistic living and healthy nutrition for everyone.. Listen or read the full transcript on WISP

What Sport has Taught Us

Siri & Bek look back on their careers and how their experiences have led to many life lessons that they are now sharing through their coaching club and to a wider audience. They explain that while triathlon did not define them as people, being immersed in that bubble of being a professional athlete taught them to appreciate more who they really are now that they have retired. They offer their candid and uncensored perspective and vivid memories of the rigors of training, of the battle of competition, and the people that have played a part in their journey.

Siri explains one of the many things that being a professional athlete has taught her: “I’ve learned now that it’s winning or learning, there’s no such thing as losing because when you lose or when you fall short, or when you fail, you learn the most and when we learn we grow and when we grow we’re moving forward and that’s all that matters because that makes us happy”

On making the decision to retire Bek recalls: “I remember texting mum and saying I’m done, and I was terrified, and the a few months later saying; wow, now I’m living!”. Listen or read the full transcript on WISP

What would you like to be when you grow up?

Siri & Bek take us back to their grass roots to talk about how they got into sport as children and when they developed an interest in triathlon. As they were growing up they were often teased about their body shape that could have demoralized them and put them off playing sport. And we also hear from Siri about her father’s reaction when he discovered she was gay and how that effected her self esteem. Instead of giving in and giving up these hurtful and shaming comments motivated them even more and they grew as athletes and as gay women in spite of these hurdles. Listen or read the full transcript on WISP

The Toughest Challenge Could Become Your Biggest Victory

the dynamic duo of triathlon coaches siri & bek explain that even when you’re facing demons never give up because you could still win your race. Listen or read the full transcript on WISP

Preparing to Retire

Former world champion triathletes discuss the importance of exploring who you really are before you retire. Listen or read the full transcript on WISP

Siri & Bek Kick off with Pizzazz

Triathlon’s dynamic duo and most successful coaches in the usa launch their own monthly show which is packed with fun, information, laughter and their usual passion. Listen or read the full transcript on WISP

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