The Siri and Bek Show

Siri Lindley & Rebekah Keat share stories of how they overcame adversity during races such as equipment malfunction and exiting the swim at the back of the pack to turn the race around and even win world cups and a world championship. The message is never to give up because the race is long and anything can happen if you’re determined and ambitious.

What would you like to be when you grow up?

Siri & Bek take us back to their grass roots to talk about how they got into sport as children and when they developed an interest in triathlon. As they were growing up they were often teased about their body shape that could have demoralized them and put them off playing sport. And we also hear from Siri about her father’s reaction when he discovered she was gay and how that effected her self esteem. Instead of giving in and giving up these hurtful and shaming comments motivated them even more and they grew as athletes and as gay women in spite of these hurdles. Listen or read the full transcript on WISP

The Toughest Challenge Could Become Your Biggest Victory

the dynamic duo of triathlon coaches siri & bek explain that even when you’re facing demons never give up because you could still win your race. Listen or read the full transcript on WISP

Preparing to Retire

Former world champion triathletes discuss the importance of exploring who you really are before you retire. Listen or read the full transcript on WISP

Siri & Bek Kick off with Pizzazz

Triathlon’s dynamic duo and most successful coaches in the usa launch their own monthly show which is packed with fun, information, laughter and their usual passion. Listen or read the full transcript on WISP

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