Team Sirius Tri Club Membership

Whether you’re just getting started in the sport or you’re already part of a club, the coaching, resources, and training you are about to gain access to will launch you to new levels of performance, personal transformation, & fulfillment. So join us today & we’ll see you on the inside!

Note: We direct the majority of every dollar we collect to Believe Ranch & Rescue to save horses from slaughter.

Team Sirius Tri Club

Where it's not just about swim bike run, but who we become.

If you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete looking for a breakthrough. The resources and community in Team Sirius Tri Club can help you reach your true potential whatever your goals may be.

Join Bek, Siri and all our members and coaches today!


Your Coaches

Siri Lindley

Siri Lindley

Former 2x World Champion and #1 ranked triathlete in the world, Siri began coaching in 2003. Her experience and talents in the sport have shone through with tremendous results, at all distances, and with both elite and age group level competitors.

Rebekah Keat

Rebekah Keat

Rebekah was a pro triathlete for over 22 years with over 30 podiums including a two time junior world champion, 6 x Iron Distance Champion and 3 x National Champion. Bek still holds one of the fastest female times in history with 8 hours 39 minutes over the Iron Distance. Rebekah has been coaching for over ten years.

Yvonne Van Vlerken

Yvonne Van Vlerken

Head Coach – Team Sirius Europe Yvonne Van Vlerken. Yvonne is a WORLD CHAMPION a two time WORLD record holder over Iron and 70.3, 15x IM wins and one of Europe’s best ever with 16 sub 9 hour finishes! TEAM SIRIUS EUROPE is coming March 1st … more coming soon

Karen Burks

Karen Burks

My desire to becoming a Team Sirius Assistant Coach is to give back and help others as I feel I have gained so very much from my experience as a Team Sirius Member. The lessons learned, the way of thinking, the challenges have made me a better person in every aspect of my life.

Maddy Pesch

Maddy Pesch

Maddy Pesch currently represents Team Sirius both as a coach and as a professional triathlete from the USA. Maddy coaches and trains with the methods taught by her own coach, Siri Lindley, and by Rebekah Keat. Maddy coaches athletes in all distances of the sport from sprint to full Ironman races. 

Rodrigo “Troy” Romero

Rodrigo “Troy” Romero

Troy is a Mexican triathlete from the state of Puebla in the city of Tehuacan. In the 4 years of his athletic career his most distinguished accomplishments include IRONMAN World Championship Finisher, IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship Finisher and EXTERRA World Championship Finisher.


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What You Get

Live Chats

Weekly live chats with Siri, Bek and Team Sirius family. Live training sessions & chats with Team Sirius top professionals. If you can't make some of the live chat's don't worry you'll also get unlimited access to all of the past and future live chats and training sessions through the mobile and web apps.

Discounted Training Plans

Up to 60% off Team Sirius training plans written by Siri Lindley and Bek Keat. These training plans fully embody the training principles and methods with which Siri, Bek and their team coach their elite and age group athletes. Available for athletes of all levels from beginner to advanced.

Mobile Apps

As part of your membership, you get access to the Team Sirius iOS and Android mobile apps so you can access all of the club resources and benefits while on the move. Access your training calendar, search through all the live chats, training seasons, articles and videos all directly from your mobile device.

Exclusive Content

Access to member only content like videos, articles, training tips and training session videos. Live poolside video streaming with Siri's elite and age group athletes with invaluable insight from Siri, Bek and other pro athletes.

Exclusive Club Discounts

Get up to 60% off some of the best triathlon and endurance gear available. Discounts are available from Quintanaroo and Litespeed bikes, Roka, Rest Beds, Normatec, Rudy Project, On-Running, and Scicon bags. All the discount codes are available directly from the Team Sirius Tri Club mobile and web apps.

Training Calendar

Access to some of Bek, Siri and Team Sirius elite athletes favourite workouts. Easily search for swim, bike and run workouts using the Team Sirius app and add them to your training calendar. Keep track of your training with the Team Sirius app and automatically sync your actual training with our Strava integration.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

1. Step One

Sign up to the club, create your account and get instant access to the Team Sirius benefits through our web and mobile apps.

2. Step Two

Start consuming the exclusive content, search through the past live chats. Check out the discounts from our partners and get the latest gear at great prices.

3. Step Three

Join the Team Sirius private Facebook group and introduce yourself to our team of coaches and members. Look out for the next live chat. Enjoy, you are now part of the Team Sirius family.

Your Online Platform and Apps

24/7 Access to the club

Access the Team Sirius Tri Club benefits and resources at any time from any location using our web and mobile apps.

  • Search all weekly live Facebook chats
  • Your own training calendar
  • Access to Bek and Siris favourite training sessions
  • Free off-season and start of season training plans
  • 7 Free key indoor trainer sessions
  • Articles, videos and training tips
  • Access discount codes from our partners
  • Available on web, iOS and Android

An option that suits you best

All our options are suitable for all levels from absolute beginner to seasoned athletes. Pick the option that suits your budget and goals best and we’ll ensure you get what you need based on your experience and fitness level.

Tri Club

Team Sirius Tri Club online membership and benefits
  • This club membership is ideal for those who enjoy the interaction with other like-minded people of all shapes, sizes and abilities! Team Sirius Tri Club is for everyone from anywhere in the world! Suited to all training levels from absolute beginner to elite athletes.


Team Sirius Tri Club membership plus training plan
$37/m + $199
  • This club membership is perfect for those who want to interact with the online club but also need a structured training plan they can follow. Choose from 13 different training plans from Olympic to Ironman distance including beginner, Intermediate and advanced plans.


Club membership plus weekly contact with coach
$199/m + $199
  • Ideal for athletes who want some feedback from a coach on a smaller budget. The coach monitors your plan and adds post work out comments when needed. This also includes one weekly follow-up email with the coach. It does not include any changes to the prescribed program. 


Full service coaching with constant feedback
from $250/m
  • Ideal for athletes who want fully customized coaching with constant feedback from a dedicated coach. Tri Club Membership comes free with Platinum Coaching so you won't miss out on any of the fun in the Tri Club. We can support athletes of all abilities from beginner to elite.

What our awesome club members are saying

Being a rookie to the sport of triathlon I was nervous to join any club, let alone Team Sirius.  I had never competed in a single race in my life and the team made me feel like I was a world champion.  It’s not every day you get to swim, bike, run, and train with the greatest minds in the world. I never feel left out, I never feel like I don’t belong, and I’ve gone from not being able to swim 25 yards straight to being able to swim 2.4 miles in under an hour thirty!  This team is made up of champions at every level and you will become a better person at everything you do!  Siri Lindley, Bek Keat and some of the greatest minds in the sport are ready to bring your dreams to reality!  Let’s do this!

Brian Aubuchon


Having Bek as my coach and joining TeamSirius Tri Club this past year has been an incredible, life-changing experience. My training and racing has improved dramatically, plus I’ve gained mental strength and made wonderful new friends! The Tri Club is a great complement to Bek’s exceptional coaching. It’s a fun, friendly and supportive group. I love being able to connect with athletes of all backgrounds, ages and abilities on the weekly live chats. There, Bek and Siri not only answer our questions and offer advice from their decades of world-class racing and coaching but also show what it means to live with purpose, passion and gratefulness. I am so thankful for the opportunity to train with Bek and be a part of TeamSirius Tri Club!

Nancy Templeton

Team Sirius Tri Club Member

Deciding to work with Team Sirius was a game changer for me. While I have natural talent in triathlon, I did not have the training focus or right mindset to take me where I wanted to go in the sport. Siri and Bek (and the whole team!) have such an amazing attitude that makes you feel at home, no matter what level you're at, and also makes you want to strive to be better in all aspects of life, not just in triathlon. They know how to bring the best out of you. My training with Siri has helped get me to the pro level and this is only just the beginning! Plus, the camaraderie of the club is certainly unlike any other team I have been a part of-everyone is genuine and involved and inspiring. It's not something to miss out on!

Rachel Olson

Centenary College of Louisiana '14

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel anytime given you abide by our "fair use" policy. There are thousands of dollars of savings that can be made from using the benefits of the club. All we ask is before you make use of the big discounts please ensure you have fully evaluated the club membership as a whole and plan to continue your membership. If you are happy with the club then by all means make use of as many of the discounts and benefits as possible.

What fitness level do I need to join the club?

We have members of the club at all fitness levels from absolute beginner to seasoned elite athletes. Whatever your fitness level you will benefit greatly from being part of our club and family.

What currency is the pricing?

All our pricing is in US dollars.

How many members does the club have?

At last count, the Team Sirius Tri Club had over 140 members from all over the world.

I'm not from the USA, can I still join?

Of course, Team Sirius has members from all walks of life from all over the world. Triathlon is a truly global sport and our club platform and private Facebook group allows us to share our knowledge and experience with you where ever you are in the world.

What payment methods do you support?

You can pay via our secure payments provider with all major debit and credit cards.

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